Image Credits

Image Credits and Copyright Information

At Nurtured Bend, we take pride in the visuals that shape our online presence. In order to create an engaging and aesthetically pleasing experience for our users, we utilize a mix of imagery sourced from various platforms as well as our own custom content.

Our Image Sources

Many of the images you see on our site are sourced from established and trusted platforms, offering high-quality visuals that we can use for free or under a professional license.

  • Canva Pro: Canva Pro subscribers have access to a vast collection of premium content including photos, icons, and illustrations. These elements are used under license from Canva, and we follow all guidelines and requirements stipulated in the Canva Pro agreement.
  • Unsplash: A platform known for its wide array of high-resolution photos freely available for use, provided by a generous community of photographers. Unsplash provides us with some of the striking imagery seen throughout our site.
  • Pexels: Offering a vast library of free stock photos and videos, Pexels is another platform that we often utilize. The content creators on Pexels generously provide their work for use under the Pexels License.
  • Bend Logo: This image is used in compliance with the copyright on the page it was found. This image was found on this page, where you can find the necessary copyright information.

Company-Provided Imagery

Some of the images on our site are original content that was created, commissioned, or taken by employees of Nurtured Bend. We are proud to showcase the creativity and talent of our team and collaborators.

Central Oregon Mountains

Those were commissioned by local artist, Erica Feld. Wanna work with her? Go to her website and show her some love!

Intellectual Property Rights

All images on our site, in their current state, are the intellectual property of Thencan Designs, LLC, the design firm responsible for creating this site. If you would like to use any of these images, please contact the owner at Unauthorized use of these images without permission may infringe upon copyright laws.


If you have any questions about our Image Credits, please feel free to reach out to us at