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You’re not alone if you’re struggling with your SEO

Let me guess, one of these is you:

1️⃣ You’re not getting results from your current agency
2️⃣ You’re being ghosted by your current SEO company
3️⃣ You’re trying to DIY your SEO

Truth: Your SEO agency can deliver more revenue, be communicative, and you don’t have to do this alone.

Thencan Designs, specializes in SEO for small businesses that serve local customers (wherever you are).

Overwhelmed business owner looking at Google Business Profile

“Best thing that’s happened to my business”

George H. | Cabinet Maker in Bend, OR

“When it comes to SEO, Sam is THE Pro you want”

Maggie P. | Web Designer in Atlanta, GA

“Extremely knowledgable about all aspects of SEO”

Miranda K. | Photographer in Bend, OR

The TLC Method

Your next client is searching
“[your service] near me”

Let’s meet them where they are with our TLC Method—Traffic, Leads, Clients

It all starts with Traffic

But not just any traffic—traffic that represents the right kind of client.

People who are a perfect fit for your business.
Who know what they need.
Who need what you sell.
Who already have their wallets out.

…which turns into Leads

Once they’re on your website, we use conversion-based design to turn your traffic into leads by inviting them to fill out your inquiry form or give you a call.

…which turns into Clients

With more leads, you’ll close more sales.

As your client roster grows, you can relax and start enjoying your business again—without all the hustle.

Our TLC Method starts with—and hinges on—getting more people to visit your website.

Which brings us back to
“[your service] near me”

Here’s how we get our clients consistent results…

We Use SEO Sprints to Deliver Results Faster

Our Sprints system is designed to get you free traffic from Google—quickly and steadily

Sprint #1: Foundations

✅ Perform keyword research
✅ Implement SEO best practices on-site
✅ Optimize Google Business Profile

Foundations Result

Comprehensive SEO strategy designed & initial implementation
Done in 2-4 weeks

Sprint #2: Growth

✅ Perform comprehensive competitor analysis
✅ Craft content your clients are searching for
✅ Create & implement review collection strategy

Growth Result

Get your website showing up in all the right Google searches, consistently
Done in 8-15 weeks

Sprint #3: Care

✅ Keep optimizing your pages for their keywords
✅ Ongoing Google Business Profile Management
✅ Build authority through local links (this makes you 📈)

Care Result

An always-fresh website with ongoing SEO activity that Google loves 💙❤️💛💚

or just text Sam: (541) 205-9080… seriously!

Simple, Flat-Rate Pricing

Monthly plans follow the TLC Method and include everything in Sprint 1 (Foundations), Sprint 2 (Growth), and Sprint 3 (Care)—requires a 12-month commitment


✅ Everything in the TLC Method using SEO Sprints
   🔥 Google Listing Optimization, Management
   🔥 Ongoing SEO Optimizations to Website
   🔥 Local authority building (this makes you 📈)
✅ Custom reporting dashboard that updates in real-time
✅ Peace of mind


SEO TLC Plan + A New Website

✅ Everything in the TLC Method using SEO Sprints
   🔥 Google Listing Optimization, Management
   🔥 Ongoing SEO Optimizations to Website
   🔥 Local authority building (this makes you 📈)
✅ Custom reporting dashboard that updates in real-time
✅ Peace of mind
✅ Brand new website for your company
   🔥 Built from the ground up for SEO
   🔥 Follows conversion-best practices
   🔥 And it’ll look really good, too!


Our SEO Promises

⛔️ We can’t promise you’ll rank 1st
✅ We can promise we’ll work our asses off to grow your business

⛔️ We won’t text you back on the weekend
✅ We do promise we’ll never ghost you and we always respond within 24 business hours

⛔️ We can’t say we’re the biggest SEO agency in Bend, Oregon
✅ But we can promise you we’re laser-focused on growing your business, every day

or just text Sam: (541) 205-9080… seriously!

We don’t just grow websites, we grow businesses

From empty shop, to full shop with 2 assistants

Overwhelmed business owner looking at Google Business Profile

“If you need help with a website or SEO, then look no further than Thencan Designs!”
A cabinet maker in Bend, OR

Finally able to level-up and open her agency

Overwhelmed business owner looking at Google Business Profile

“Forever thankful for all the work you have put into helping me grow my business to where it is now!”
A birth doula in Bend, OR

From a few jobs a week, to consistently booked out two weeks in advance

Overwhelmed business owner looking at Google Business Profile

Most common text to us: “I’m on a job site now”
A mobile RV technician in Prineville, OR

From no traffic and jobs, to closing $9k+ in month one

Overwhelmed business owner looking at Google Business Profile

Most common texts to us: “Thank you” or “You rock”
A floor waxer in Bend, OR

Hey, I’m Sam, and I’m here to help! 👋

I founded Thencan Designs, an SEO Agency in Bend, Oregon, to help your small business get more local customers.

Sam Sarsten, Founder of Thencan Designs, smiling in a gray sweater

Sam Sarsten, Founder
SEO Specialist in Bend, Oregon
Locally Serving all of Central Oregon
(Digitally Serving Everyone Else)

My goal is simple.

Get your small business More TLC: Traffic, Leads, Clients—locally.

I’ve dedicated myself to staying ahead of the SEO game and learning the ins and outs of Google Business Profiles to make sure your business rises the ranks of search engines 🚀

I’m commited to Central Oregon—I’ve lived in Oregon since I was 5.

I’m a proud member of the local business community:
🔸 After Hours Networking in Bend
🔸 TEAM Referral Network in Redmond
🔸 The Redmond Chamber of Commerce
🔸 Communicators Plus Toastmasters in Bend

I’m active on YouTube where I share everything I know about helping small businesses get more free traffic from Google with smart, growth-focused local SEO strategies.

I have a weekly newsletter where I drop SEO knowledge, sign up here for Your SmallBiz SEO Success.

I’ve created several SEO courses to teach others how to do local SEO, and even founded a community for local SEO service providers: Local SEO Academy.

Thencan Designs has a lean team of mostly Bendites and we serve clients all over the United States.

Are you ready to start ranking higher? It’s time to get actual results for your small business—through the magic of SEO!

Founder's signature

Sam Sarsten, Founder + SEO Expert

Award-winning Bend SEO Agency

Thencan Designs is a recognized WordPress web design and SEO company located in Bend, Oregon

“Best of Oregon” for Web Design

Recently awarded Best of Oregon Award from UpCity for our web design work.

Ranked #2 for web designers in Bend, OR on UpCity.

Top SEO Company (in the state of Oregon) from Design Rush

Top SEO Company in Oregon

Ranked #2 for SEO companies in the state of Oregon on Design Rush.

Top SEO Company (in the state of Oregon) from Design Rush

Top Web Design + SEO Company in Bend

Ranked #2 for Web Design and SEO companies in Bend, Oregon on Tech Behemoths.

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