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Thencan Designs is a web design company specializing in small business web design and local SEO. We locally serve all of Central Oregon, including Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Madras, La Pine, Sunriver, and Sisters. We’ve also service clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and the United States.

My name is Sam Sarsten, and as the owner of Thencan Designs, I’m passionate about working with local businesses and helping them grow their online presence. Let Thencan Designs put its expertise to work for you and your business. Get found, convert customers, and watch your business grow!

I’ve lived in Oregon since I was six and I take great pride in being located in Bend, Oregon and can’t wait to help your small business reach its big goals!

Service Areas

Thencan Designs locally serves Central Oregon and the surrounding areas

Thencan Designs is dedicated to providing personalized services, focusing on the unique needs of each client. We partner with our clients to create lasting relationships and ensure their online success.
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Bend, Oregon

Thencan Designs is a web design agency located in Bend, Oregon. We’ve found that successful website architecture is much like navigating the Deschutes River here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The user interface must flow as smoothly as a paddleboard on a calm summer day at the Old Mill District, guiding users with ease and efficiency.

Just as one would marvel at the breathtaking views of Mount Bachelor or Smith Rock, the aesthetics of a website should capture and maintain visitors’ attention. To create an engaging user experience, we incorporate dynamic elements much like the energy of downtown’s Drake Park during Munch and Music.

Leveraging clean, intuitive design is crucial to ensure that visitors won’t feel lost – like accidentally ending up in Sisters when you meant to drive to Sunriver.

So here in Bend, where our locals have mastered the balance of enjoying nature, craft beers, and a tech-forward mindset, we create websites that reflect our unique lifestyle, incorporating the vibrant spirit of our community, as varied and inviting as the food carts at Yacht Club.

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Redmond, Oregon

Designing a website for clients in Redmond, Oregon, is an exercise in balanced contrasts, not unlike our high desert climate – blazing sunshine by day, refreshingly cool evenings by night. The website’s layout should be as clean and crisp as the first bite of an apple at Smith Rock Ranch’s U-pick, capturing user attention while ensuring smooth navigation. And it needs to pop like the bold colors of a Sam Johnson Park sunset.

To keep user engagement soaring higher than our hot air balloons at the annual Festival of Balloons, I ensure the content stays dynamic and engaging, preventing users from feeling as lost as a tourist trying to find a parking spot downtown during the summer concert series.

The aesthetic should resonate like the unmistakable roars of Peter the Panther at football games on a Friday night.

Just as we embrace the simultaneous tranquility and adventure of life here in Redmond, sandwiched between Bend and Prineville, we design websites that reflect the unexpected charm and pioneering spirit of our high desert home, as diverse and inviting as a meal at Diego’s Spirited Kitchen.

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Prineville, Oregon

Crafting a website for clients in Prineville, Oregon, is like building a reputation in our small, tight-knit community: it demands dedication, authenticity, and an appreciation for the distinctive.

Navigating a site should feel as intuitive as the path to the Ochoco Reservoir on a hot summer day, allowing users to find their destination with ease. The visuals should be as captivating as the panoramic views from the top of Steins Pillar, encouraging visitors to stay and explore.

The site should engage its audience as naturally as friends catching up over a slice at Tastee Treet, with a design that’s as fresh and inviting as the produce at our local farmers’ market. Users should never feel as disoriented as an out-of-towner trying to pronounce “Ochoco” for the first time.

Just as Prineville seamlessly blends history, nature, and a dash of Silicon Valley (thanks to Facebook and Apple data centers), we design websites that mirror this eclectic mix – offering a user experience as varied and unexpected as our Prineville landscape, from the high desert to the Ochoco National Forest.

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Madras, Oregon

Creating a website for a client in Madras, Oregon, is akin to crafting the perfect flight plan at the Erickson Aircraft Collection – it requires precision, attention to detail, and a splash of daring.

A website’s user journey should be as clear and inviting as a sunny day at Lake Billy Chinook, ensuring visitors can navigate the site as easily as locals navigate our grid-like city streets.

The visual appeal must dazzle like the vast array of stars visible from our annual Star Party at the Madras Municipal Airport, keeping users engrossed and eager to delve deeper. The interaction should be as friendly and inviting as a cookout at Sahalee Park, preventing visitors from feeling as stranded as a Portlander who missed the turnoff to the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation.

Just as Madras serves as a hub between the high desert, Mount Jefferson, and the Warm Springs community, we design websites that echo our unique crossroads culture. They’re as diverse and welcoming as a round of golf at Desert Peaks, presenting an online experience that mirrors the blend of history, nature, and community spirit that defines our vibrant corner of Central Oregon.

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La Pine, Oregon

Designing a website for clients in La Pine, Oregon, is much like preparing for a trek in the nearby Deschutes National Forest – it requires strategic planning, a keen eye for detail, and an understanding of the path ahead.

Just as our Newberry National Volcanic Monument offers clear trails through a landscape of stark beauty, a website must offer intuitive navigation with an aesthetic appeal as memorable as the view from Paulina Peak.

The content needs to be as engaging as a day trip to the nearby Sunriver Resort, keeping users intrigued and hungry for more. And no one should feel as bewildered on a website as a newcomer trying to navigate the roundabouts in Sunriver like a local.

In our town, where we seamlessly blend the tranquility of small-town life with the thrill of the great outdoors (and a dash of resort-style luxury, thanks to Sunriver), we design websites that mirror our one-of-a-kind culture. They’re as diverse and welcoming as a Sunday service at the Community Church, creating an online experience as distinctive and vibrant as life in the heart of Central Oregon.

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Sisters, Oregon

Creating a website for a client in Sisters, Oregon, is a lot like curating an exhibit for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show – it demands a fine balance of color, pattern, and attention to the overall design.

The user interface should be as inviting and navigable as a stroll through our charming, Western-themed downtown, guiding visitors with ease and offering discoveries at every click.

Just like the awe-inspiring peaks of the Three Sisters mountains that overlook our town, the visuals of a site should leave a lasting impression, encouraging exploration and repeat visits. The interaction should be as warm and welcoming as a cup of coffee at Sisters Coffee Company, ensuring users never feel as misplaced as a horse in a quilt shop.

Much like Sisters – a unique blend of Old West charm, vibrant arts scene, and stunning natural beauty – we design websites that reflect this remarkable mix. They’re as varied and engaging as an evening at the Sisters Folk Festival, capturing the essence of our beloved high-desert town.

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Thencan Designs is a web design agency that can serve all small business clients throughout Oregon remotely – and many locations in-person (see above).

Designing a website in the diverse landscape of Oregon is a task as multifaceted as our state itself.

The user interface should flow as smoothly as the Willamette River through the heart of our beautiful state, guiding users with the clarity and ease of a highway stretching through the Eastern Oregon plains.

The aesthetic should capture attention as effectively as the stunning vista from Crater Lake’s rim, encouraging visitors to linger and soak in the sights. Dynamic engagement is key to ensure users never feel as disoriented as a coast-dwelling surfer suddenly dropped in the high desert of Baker City. And let’s not forget a nod to our world-class Pinot Noirs and craft beers, adding a flavor of local charm as engaging as a visit to Powell’s City of Books.

Here in Oregon, where our culture is as varied as our terrain – from the wind-swept Pacific coastline to the fertile Willamette Valley vineyards, from the (hopefully returning) hip urban beat of Portland to the quiet majesty of Mount Hood – we design websites that reflect our diverse tapestry, offering an experience as unique and enriching as our beloved Beaver State.

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Pacific Northwest

Thencan Designs is a web design agency that can serve all small business clients in the PNW remotely.

Crafting a website in the Pacific Northwest is a venture as varied and exciting as our extraordinary region itself.

The site’s navigation should be as intuitive and reliable as a Washington State Ferry navigating the stunning Puget Sound, leading users on their journey with certainty.

The aesthetics should inspire the same awe as the breathtaking views from Oregon’s iconic Multnomah Falls, captivating visitors and inviting them to linger. The site’s content should engage users as deeply as a hike through British Columbia’s lush, rainforest-covered mountains, encouraging exploration and discovery. And no one should ever feel as lost on a website as someone trying to find the elusive Sasquatch.

From the hip streets of Portland, Seattle’s towering Space Needle, to the vast expanse of the Idaho wilderness, we design websites that reflect the unique spirit of the Pacific Northwest. They’re as diverse and engaging as a cup of artisanal coffee enjoyed on a rainy morning, capturing the essence of our region’s distinct blend of innovation, natural beauty, and cultural richness.

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United States

Thencan Designs is a web design agency that can serve all small business clients in the United States remotely.

Designing a website in the grand tapestry that is the United States is a task as diverse and multifaceted as the nation itself.

The site’s navigation should be as clear and seamless as Route 66 cutting across our heartland, guiding users as effectively as the Mississippi River threads through the American landscape.

The aesthetics should captivate as intensely as a sunset over the Grand Canyon or a sunrise illuminating the Statue of Liberty, inviting visitors to marvel and explore. Content engagement should resonate as deeply as the rich, harmonious blues in a New Orleans jazz club, ensuring visitors never feel as lost as a tourist in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

From the golden coastlines of California to the rocky shores of Maine, from the bustling streets of Chicago to the vibrant cultures of Miami, we design websites that encapsulate the unique blend of this great nation. They’re as varied and enriching as a barbecue in Texas, a lobster bake in Maine, or a wine tasting in Napa, providing a user experience as diverse and vast as the United States itself.